Planner Review: 2015 Mint Green Planner

imageHello my lovelies! I’m a bit of a reviewing mood at the moment so expect to see an influx of review posts popping up in the next few days. First up today is a planner review! As you all know I’m a little bit of a planner addict and I wanted to share a little bit about the system I’m using right now. Since the system I’m currently using isn’t working very well at the moment and I will soon be switching to my summer routines and systems I figured I’d hold off on that post. Instead I decided to do a review of the spiral bound planner that I originally bought for 2015. I also want to apologize for the difference in photo editing between the title photo and the following photos. I was having a little too much fun with my photo editing applications and couldn’t get the lighting just right between shots to show the actual colors of things. So the top photo is as close to the original colors of the cover while the following photos are good representations of the colors of the inside of the planner..

First of all, this planner is from Walmart, I got it for around $7.95 or something like that back in December just after Walmart switched in their new yearly planners for 2015. It is a MintGreen brand planner and is made from 60% recycled material and uses soy based ink. This planner is a traditional yearly planner that starts in January and ends in December, which for me a turn off. I’m not big on yearly planners but I was going completely insane without a planner so I decided to try it out.

The cover of this planner is absolutely beautiful, it has vibrant colored flowers on a frosted cover on top of a off white piece of paper and then it’s colorful all throughout.  Inside the cover are the standard personal information, important information, yearly overview, and important dates pages that you can find in almost any planner. It also includes two pages for your schedule with a lot of room to break things down. I simply wrote my Spring 2015 class schedule on one of the pages. A lot of the pages also have inspirational quotes on them which made it easier for me because then I didn’t have to manually write inspiration in unless I wanted to.


I absolutely love the fact that this planner’s monthly layout is a month on two pages. It has nice sized boxes to write in without it being cramped and there is even a notes section off to the side. National holidays are also marked at the top of the boxes they belong in. I do wish that the boxes were lined though. I can’t write in a straight line to save my life so things got a little messy at times.

Each month is followed by a piece of grid paper and a piece of lined note paper for monthly notes or doodles. I ended up not really using these pages but I enjoyed having the option of using them. It always seems to me that I run out of room for notes in planners like these, but that wasn’t the case with this one.

imageNext up is the weekly layout. For the time being, I refuse to use anything other than a week on two pages. I just won’t. I end up feeling cramped and and like i have to condense everything which is annoying. So when I picked up the Mint Green 2015 planner I was absolutely thrilled to see how much space there was. On one page there is Monday – Wednesday and on the other is Thursday – Sunday. While the splitting up of one box for Saturday and Sunday kind of annoyed me, it wasn’t impossible to live with as those boxes ended up being where I would write my weekly to do lists anyway. The boxes are absolutely huge and I could split up my day by class and have plenty of room to write out my assignments along with any other events that were happening that day.

In the back of the planner there is page after page after page of notes pages, all of which I filled up just because I could. Then there is a contacts section, a resource section with a page to write down login information,  and then it finishes out with a bunch of maps.which I didn’t really need.

In Review:


  • Colorful
  • Lots of Note pages
  • Huge two page calendar
  • Portable size
  • Week on 2 pages with lots of room to write
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Lots of extras


  • Paper is rather thin – my Papermate Flair pens bled through occasionally and the pages tear very easily
  • Monthly layout isn’t lined
  • Too many extras I didn’t need or use
  • Yearly Layout just doesn’t work for me

Overall, it’s a great planner for around $8 which seems to be the average for medium sized planners at Walmart. There are a few things that I dislike about it that made it really hard for me to use it, like it being a Yearly layout for example. I prefer to have my academic year all in one place instead of switching to a new planner in the middle of the year. But that’s a personal issues. Ink bleeding is minimal but annoying when it did happen. I feel like some of the extras could have been switched out for more notes pages but if you’re a student in middle or high school those extras could be really useful. I also wish that the monthly pages were lined but again that’s a personal preference.

If I gave it a star rating this planner would probably get a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I was thrilled with it when I first got it but after using it for several months it just didn’t work for me. So I’ve already started revamping my system and bought a new planner that starts in July that I can’t wait to show you!

Have an awesome day and let me know what kind of posts you’d like to see from me in the future!