My Dream Filofax

Okay guys, I have a confession.

I am obsessed…..

With planners.

I know it’s awful. It’s an expensive habit and I shouldn’t be so in love with them but there’s just something about them that keeps drawing me in, Maybe it’s the way I can color code everything or the pretty covers or even the different layouts.  i

Okay, there are worse things to be addicted to I know. Today I thought I would share with you what my dream planner/personal organizer would look like with links to some places where you can purchase the products I mention. Note: I am not receiving any revenue from this. I just thought it was fair to link where I found the products.

Let’s get started!

1. A Filofax

Obviously the first thing I would need would be a Filofax or a similar personal organizer. Currently I have a purple Daytimer but due to the nature of the holes it’s not easy to use. I have fallen in love with the Domino Patent Personal Organizer and I am so upset that the USA site is sold out of the turquoise ones. The pine spots Domino is also really pretty but my poor heart is set on the turquoise. It’s bright, it’s fun, maybe a little loud, and it’s just so beautiful. In the picture it looks more mint, but after watching countless YouTube videos and looking at Instagram photos I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a turquoise/Tiffany Blue color and I am in love.  The downside is that Filofaxes are rather expensive, this one being a whopping $35. However, they are refillable and well made so you can use them year after year instead of spending $5-$20 on a planner every year.

2. Colorful Inserts

il_570xN.721810415_s1wy il_570xN.571254543_972e

Why have boring black and white inserts when you can have these really cute ones? There are multiple places on Etsy and all over the internet that have printables for your Filofax ranging from free to around $50 or more depending on what you get. These ones pictured above are by Stationera on Etsy. You just print them out, hole punch them and voila! You’re ready to use them! And some of them are undated so you just pay once to use them whenever you want. For me, I would like my inserts to be blue and coral, which is my favorite color combination these days. But the owls are just too cute to resist!

3. Pretty Dividers & Dashboard

In order to keep all of your sections separated, you need cute dividers and these coral and blue ones by PlannerMania are just amazing. A dashboard is a piece where you can either keep sticky notes on it or you can leave it blank and just have it as a cover page. I absolutely love this teacup one by MikasMarket.

4. Adorkable Accessories

il_570xN.751869168_e7q4 il_570xN.755304796_lv79

Bookmarks, stickers, paperclips, pagemarkers, etc really complete the planner package. These Time To Plan stickers I found at ObsessedWithCute on Etsy for $3.75 and she has a number of other amazing stickers that can go in any planner. This felt coffee cup paper clip is the perfect finishing touch to my dream planner and it can be found on Pigtails and Pockets on Etsy for $3.25

Well there you have it folks. My dream planner in a nutshell. I didn’t mention basic supplies such as pens and pencils because I use far too many different ones to remember where I got all of them. Reminder: I receive absolutely nothing for linking to where I got the products mentioned above. Also, none of the images are mine, they’re stock photos from the stores to where they’re sold.

What about you? Do you have a Filofax or similar planner? How is it set up? Or are you like me and you spend hours setting it up in your head even though you don’t have the physical products yet? Let me know down in the comments or on Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #TeacupsnDustJackets.



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